The Art of Design: &Something and the GlouGlou Branding

Founder of Shrewsbury-based design studio &Something Tony Clarkson explains the thinking behind our town’s most exciting brands - for the wine bar & shop GlouGlou on Castle Gates.
Light artist Andy McKeown has been creating spectacular sound and light installations for half a century - now approaching 70 and with a clutch of shows in Shropshire this winter
A new exhibition is opening in Shrewsbury this week (Nov15-Dec 9) sharing a remarkable collection of life drawings by international comic book artist Charlie Adlard.
Joe Whale has become an international superstar since ‘going viral’ doodling on the walls at Number Four restaurant. With book deals, TV appearances and a first solo exhibition at The Soden Collection in Shrewsbury, we ask – how does he fit it all in?


Shrewsbury is ‘the soul of artistry’ says Mike Perkins, a world-famous comic book artist who has moved back to the town after 20 years working in the USA.
We caught up with Chérie Jerrard, the brains behind The Illustrators Fair - DRAWN, happening this Saturday, June 19, 10am - 4pm at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery - FREE entry!
Cosmo Mulford is one of those immensely talented people who haven’t quite yet realised how gifted they are – he is modest almost to a fault.
Well-regarded local architect James Wade has set himself the ambitious task of documenting modern Shrewsbury in a series of finely executed streetscapes.
Sometimes you just know you are in the presence of very great talent – even if you’re on zoom and the talent has her camera turned off!